How to Decide on the Right Hair Color for You

Some hair colors are more difficult to maintain than others. For example, red colors can come with a great deal of difficulty. This is because red colors can fade easily if you wash your hair every day and are not using SURFACE hair care products. If you choose a shade of red, be prepared for more frequent trips to your hair salon. Red is also the most difficult color to remove from your hair as it is rarely removed in one sitting

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7 Important Tips on Caring For Your Colored Hair

bigstock-Portrait-Of-A-Beautiful-Girl-COPYAdding color to your hair can make you look fabulous and put a little extra bounce in your step. However, there are certain ways to maintain your colored hair and here are seven helpful tips that will keep you looking beautiful.

Wait Before Washing

It is recommended that you wait to wash your hair for at least two full days (48 hours) after it has been colored at your hair salon. And…

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How a Healthy Diet Can Affect Your Hair

When it comes to hair care, most people think about different products and ways of treating their follicles with salon services. They do not typically concern themselves with diet even though it plays an important role in the health of your hair. Here is a look at the most important components people should include in their diet in order to maintain healthy hair.

  • Protein
  • Iron
  • Greens
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • Beta Carotene
  • Zinc

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Seniors & Kids – The Color Bar Hair Salon

Seniors and kids can both take advantage of the discounted prices and expert service that comes with a trip to The Color Bar. Our team of stylists caters to clients of all ages. We know just the right styles to fit with each age bracket. We can also maintain your look and send you out of our salon better than you have ever looked before.


Gray Hair Continuing To Trend

Over the past year, more and more men and women are going gray. That trend is showing no signs of slowing down as people of all ages are embracing their gray. Here is a look at why some older people are letting their natural gray show and why some younger people are dying their hair that shade as one of the many trending salon services.

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Hair Care No-No’s

Proper hair care does not only include what you should do to maintain healthy hair, but it also includes important things you should not do to your hair. When caring for your hair keep these hair care no-no’s in mind to help avoid damage and promote healthier hair. Here are some of the most common and easy to avoid no-no’s from

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Ways for Men to Choose the Right Hairstyle

The right hairstyle can make all the difference in the world. It can put an extra bounce in your step and instill anyone with a little more confidence. Part of choosing the right men’s hairstyle comes with matching the right look to the shape of their face. Your hair salon specialist will study your head to determine what is best for you.


Men’s Facials Become More and More Common

A trip to the day spa is no longer reserved for women as more men are utilizing this type of service. To meet this growing demand, spa services are now being catered for the male client. That means that when men enter a salon, they are not signing up for a traditional facial. The Color Bar Hair Salon and Day Spa NC now offers male facials in addition to an array of spa treatments for males.

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Summer Hairstyles

The sunny summer is always welcome after the sober spring and this can reflect in hairstyles too. The summer is the time to flaunt sporty styles that well reflect the spirit of the season. This article aims to describe a few of such summer trending styles.

summer hair style, haircut, hair coloring
The Lighter The Better
Summertime is one of lighter colors and the same goes for hair color too. Opt for a lighter hair color during summer. If you frequently go for quick dips in the pool or the sea, darker hair shades fade much faster. They may have to be touched up more often. Less time and money spent on maintaining lighter shades when compared to the darker hair tones in summer.

Keratin for Less Frizz
If frizz is what is causing a problem for the hair, it can considerably worsen during the summer season. Humidity makes it difficult to keep the hair straight. The right solution would be to minimize the frizz in the hair with a bout of hair salon Keratin treatment. This will help to keep the hair more manageable during the entire summer.

This is a coloring technique that caught on in the 1970s and still remains in the fray. A salon favorite during summer season styles, the demand is still the same. Balayage is a hand coloring technique for the hair that creates a natural, graduated and soft colored look. The color usually lightens towards the end of the hair. You can choose to have either a sun-kissed look for the hair or a dramatic colored look or any other look that a skilled hairstylist can provide.

The Bob
The bob hairstyle is perhaps the easiest to manage during the summertime. A bob is additionally helpful in framing your face. The choice of either a long bob or a short bob can well depend on how you want it to fit your face.

Basic Blowout Style
This is a technique that is used to dry and style the hair using a hairdryer after washing it with a shampoo and a conditioner and using a hairdryer to dry the hair after removing the excess water by blotting it out. The technique helps to add body and bounce to the hair as it sets and cools. Basic blowouts can be more frequently done during the summer months when outdoor activity levels and sun exposure are high. A basic blowout soothes the hair and keeps it ready for a night out after a summer day on the go.

Layered Cut
Opting for a layered cut makes your head feel lighter during the summer. Layered cuts make your hair less bulky and more bouncy which are both welcome during the summer. This shaped style for the hair continues to be among the most sought-after ones during the summertime.

If you are on the lookout for these styles and more you are at the right place. The COLOR bar Hair Salon & Day Spa in Waxhaw, NC is ready with summertime fashion for the hair. Our team of qualified, trained and experienced hair stylists can offer personal advice and suggest a style best suited to your persona and lifestyle. We at The Color Bar Hair Salon and Day Spa are proud to maintain top ratings when it comes to hair styles for the summer.